Sitemap - 2021 - ZINE

Content Overload & Trends in TV Viewing Rituals

3_TRENDS_Vol.13: Rachel Greenspan: Undecorated (Online) Homes, Career M&A + Rolodex Death

3_TRENDS_Vol.12: Alex Morris: Assisted Socializing, Memory Management + Professional Amateurs

From Conversation to Action: r/AntiWork, r/BlackFridayBlackout & Plans to Buy the U.S. Constitution

Everything is Semi-Permanent

3_TRENDS_Vol.11: Mat Zucker: Micro Passive Income, Velvet Rope Networks + Prepping

Overlook the Clichés of the Creator Economy

Me, You, Culture & Anxiety

3_TRENDS_Vol.10: Andrea Hernández: Curation as Service, Functional Unwinding + Alt-World

3_TRENDS_Vol.9: Chris Dancy: Interface Collapse, Coercive Convenience + Hyper Empathy

3_TRENDS_Vol.8: Ben Dietz: Staycation Glamping, Crypto as Berghain + Tyranny of the Client

3_TRENDS_Vol.7: Marie Dollé: Soul Interfaces, Chief Energy Officers + Lifelong Learning

Why Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’ Resonates

3_TRENDS_Vol.6: Thomas Klaffke: Decentral Dropout, Mindsumers + City Evolution

"Out of Office" Meme Report TL;DR + Q&A with Jennifer Chang & Anastasia Kārkliņa

3_TRENDS_Vol.5: Florencia Lujani: Private Citizens, Sub vs. Counterculture + Degrowth Economics

3_TRENDS_Vol.4: Dr. Jamie Cohen: Digital Carbon Footprints, Retcon + Open Community Tools

3_TRENDS_Vol.3: Rodrigo Turra: Content Therapy, Temporal Intelligence + Futurism Hangover

3_TRENDS_Vol.2: Josh Chapdelaine: Anti-Social Audio, Entertainment Cycles + Influencer Burnout

3_TRENDS_Vol.1: Chris Dancy: Corporatization of Values, Peak Reaction + Techno-Paganism

The Retirement Crisis, Digital Literacy & The Case For Upskilling

People Are Demanding More Representative Emoji, But Inclusion Runs Deeper

Preparing and Mourning for Deletion Death

Power To The Players: Inequality & Taking Down The Man

With A New ETF Controlled By Social Media Sentiment, Narratives Now Drive The Market

Why We Need The New Rosetta Stone for Gen Z

Is Dispo, David Dobrik’s Nostalgic New App, The Future of Tech?

The Magic of the Momfluencer Aesthetic: How to Sell the Unreal... And QAnon

The Overlooked Trends: 2021

The Meta Trending Trends: 2021

Why I'm (Begrudgingly) On Substack

Welcome: A Letter From The Editor

From Porn To Peloton, 5 Predictions For Tech And Social Media In 2021