Q: Zine?

A: Zine is a publication analyzing overlooked cultural trends, making sense of our now, next and future. Research-backed, skeptical, philosophical and rooted in the social sciences.

Prior pieces unpacked: Deletion Death / Low Sodium Gaming / Emerging TV Rituals / Beauty Memes & Self-Care / Media Literacy & Language / Ethics of Virtual Influencers / Momfluencer Aesthetics & QAnon / The Radical Potential of Cultural Strategy

Q: Klein?

A: Hey, I’m Matt Klein! I’m a Cultural Theorist + CyberPsychologist + Strategist helping organizations understand emerging social shifts and author preferred futures.

As a quantitative futurist, I advise brands like Disney, L'Oréal and American Airlines, as well as TV producers, VC investors, startups, nonprofits, government agencies and journalists.

And as a trusted source in explaining the emerging, my insights can be found in The NYT, WSJ, Forbes, VICE, Adweek + The Atlantic.

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Q: Why Subscribe?

A: Zine is one of Substack’s 2022 Featured Publications and is relied upon by professors, authors, founders, and executives at some the most culturally-resonant brands around the world.

Like them, you’ll dig Zine if you’re curious about the future and want to understand hidden forces driving human behavior at scale.

Zine will equip you with a unique POV of culture, and help you create more strategic brands, campaigns, products, and businesses... or simply, to just understand our wild zeitgeist.

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