“Too many strategists present surface perspectives to the point of pride, while simultaneously ignoring what’s really going on. ZINE is the antithesis of this truth. Matt Klein’s investigations get at deeper, unspoken territories to illuminate revolutionary change in ourselves and those that surround us.”

— Chris Perry
Chairman, Futures at Weber Shandwick


A: ZINE is a personal publication analyzing overlooked cultural trends, making sense of our now, next and future. Research-backed, skeptical, philosophical and rooted in the social sciences.

Prior analyses explored:

Q: Klein?

A: Hey, I’m Matt Klein, a cultural theorist and strategist.

I study social shifts for the UN and Fortune 100 business, to VC investors and TV producers — and advise on strategy. Outside of ZINE, I’m currently the Head of Global Foresight at Reddit.

As a trusted source in explaining the emerging, my insights can be found in The NYT, WSJ, Forbes, VICE, Adweek + The Atlantic.

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A: ZINE is one of Substack’s 2022 Featured Publications and is relied upon by academics, government officials, founders, and execs at some the most culturally-resonant brands around the world.

Like them, you’ll dig ZINE if you’re curious about our future and want to understand hidden forces driving human behavior at scale.

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Research and explanations of overlooked trends. Analyzing cultural greys for the curious. As seen in WSJ.


Matt Klein

Cultural Theorist + Head of Global Foresight @ Reddit