Hey. This is Zine.

Zine is a sporadic publication analyzing cultural trends and our relationship with tech. If we’re to author our preferred futures, step one is to understand our current social narrative. Welcome.

I’m Klein.

I analyze culture and psychosocial implications of our technology to consult on significant decisions for brands like Facebook, YouTube, MetLife and American Airlines, as well as TV producers, VC, non-profits and gov’t agencies. My insights can be found in The NYT, WSJ, Forbes, WARC, The Atlantic, Adweek, and The Verge.

I like studying where culture is messiest. I’ve unpacked:

ethics of virtual influencers, the Long Tail of the Creator Economy, killer memes, brands as civil servants, GIFs as surrogates, digital death, modern fame, Momfluencer aesthetics, emoji representation, and digital literacy

Social media is broken. So, to kindle connection around these emergent concepts shaping our futures, 1:1 email is the solution. For me, Substack is not about monetization or gatekeeping, but to figuratively and literally bring it back home to spark more meaningful engagement.

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