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Might be a bit unnecessarily esoteric in ways, but we should have a convo about Richard Rorty and his understanding of "vocabularies." I'm re-reading his seminal text Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity right now (due to listening to Kevin Munger on the New Models podcast) and I think his way of understanding how language to describe novelty moves from the metaphorical to the everyday is what you're hunting for. Maybe.

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Good morning Mr. Klein,

Thank you for your all inspiring Zine. I'm a new Substacker. Zine is my very first Subscription.

I've always been influenced by those that invent new words; my first being, of all people, "Ringo Starr". I'm writing a follow up to your " Make up a Word", Called " Preservation of Cultures". I look forward to reading and listening to your Blog.

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