Hi Klein, great thoughts that has sparked some further thoughts..

Made me think about gyms, and the broader fitness wellness wave. Cross-fit has worked so well (I think) because of the highly structured format (workout programs) a small tight group follows and bonds through, like I suppose the army experience is. But then does that take away from the 'magic of self-authored movement?

Do traditional gyms that offer more variety in movement hold value? Just grappling with the meaning of gyms and the space they provide, where if most new fitness services build their religion with prescriptive classes (on Peleton etc), then where does that leave self-authored gym experiences? Is there meaning in that? Suppose is there magic in non-preachers of the fitness wellness world? Suppose Feynman would say yes from a scientist perspective over religion (literally).

Any thoughts?

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Highly enjoyable as always. I wonder if point one begins to change in light of the dual influences of Biden's push back on corporate dominance (by economic means) and the net longterm effects from the Basecamp situation: ie brands being less amenable to proselytizing, for fear of being called out from within, rather than from without.

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